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Changed my teaching approach to dancing

Thank you for all of your books and CD companions. They have absolutely changed my teaching approach to dancing. I especially love the new Assembly CD. My students are loving all of the music on the CD, especially since it has a modern feel.
Thanks again for such a positive influence on my school!

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Parents and kids dancing and laughing together

I am an elementary music teacher who just finished a PTA program using three of your dances from Chimes of Dunkirk. Over 150 parents and kids dancing and laughing together. Wow! This may become an annual tradition. Thanks for producing such wonderful material.

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A great success

I teach young people who have severe learning difficulties. I frequently use the NEDM songs and dances in my lessons. They have been a great success, and an inspiration to us all.

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Students loving every minute of class

I am currently doing a dance unit with my 2nd and 3rd grade students, and they are loving every minute of class. We have just begun, and . . . I am amazed at how quickly these students are picking this up. Their classroom teachers are equally amazed.
Keep up the great work you are doing.

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Easy to teach

I am a fairly new music teacher with virtually no experience with dance and I found the dances in the book to be easy to teach (even for someone uncoordinated like me!) and the kids loved them! Watching the DVD was very helpful for me to learn tips to teach the dance steps to the children. Thanks again for a truly wonderful resource for the elementary school music teacher.

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A great collection of music

Thanks for making such a great collection of music available. I’ve been looking for something like this for years because I’ve always wanted to incorporate dance into my program.

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Easy to follow

Thank you for your excellent materials. The books are extremely clear and easy to follow, and the recordings are excellent.

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My students will really enjoy these dances

I just experienced some of the dances in your book Listen to the Mockingbird and Chimes of Dunkirk at a workshop. It was an incredible experience… My students will really enjoy these dances. The movement instruction are the clearest I’ve seen in a resource like this! Thank you!

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Invaluable . . .

Although I have been dancing for over ten years I’ve had very little experience calling and teaching. Your materials were invaluable.

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