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Dances in Longways Sets

These dances are perfect for beginners. They are easy and yet their high energy will make them favorites that are often requested.

A longways set is comprised of two lines of dancers facing each other. Each dancer stands across from their partner. Traditionally, the ‘gents’ are in the right hand line, the ‘ladies’ in the left hand line. See CHOOSING PARTNERS. Each time through the dance the top couple progresses to the bottom of the set while the other couples move up one place. The dance is then repeated with the new top couple.

These longways set dances have been presented in an approximate order according to difficulty. Kindergartners and first graders will enjoy Chimes of Dunkirk, second graders will love Alabama Gal, while upper elementary students with some dance experience will be challenged by Foula Reel and Willow Tree. Remember, however, these dances are not age specific.

Read the New England Dancing Masters Black Lives Matter statement.BLM Statement